In the mommy community, collaborations are always fun and exciting. It is always refreshing to see and to support different brands working on a project. And it is my pleasure to tell you about a new collaboration that will surely be loved by you and your baby. The world’s leading mother and childcare brand – Philips AVENT launched its new collaboration with one of Philippine’s leading fashion designers, Rajo Laurel. This is their second collaboration as they have already worked together last year in creating a timeless breastfeeding wrap. On Oct 24, the mommy community gathered again as Rajo and Philips AVENT launched a fun, colorful and limited edition onesie…

  • Audrey’s First Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat is a Western tradition that we, Pinoys, are now embracing in our culture. If you don’t know what trick or treat is; it is basically letting your child go door to door during Halloween. They’ll prank the homeowner if they are not given any treat/gift. When I was still working, my previous company invites employees’ children every year for a Halloween activity. Year by year, it is getting more and more popular. This activity encourages great bonding between the family and the company. Here we (the family) can see where they work and their office set up. We can also meet their colleagues. More so, our kids…

  • REVIEW: PUR Bottles

    In 2018, PUR Baby Philippines was launched in the Philippines. It’s a Thailand brand that has been in the baby products industry for 34 years now! PUR Baby Philippines offers a wide array of simple and safe products. These include feeding bottles, soothers/pacifiers, training cups, teethers, weaning, and cutlery. In this blog post, I’ll talk about our experience when using Pur Advanced Plus Wide Neck Bottle. Pur Advanced Plus Wide Neck Bottle This bottle is made from high-quality food-grade material and free from Biesephanol-A chemical (BPA Free) while the print used for the logo is food grade and non-toxic ink. Features Gentle Touch – It has a gentle touch nipple…


    One of the realities that we need to face post-partum is STRETCH MARKS! Stretch marks appear on our skin when our skin gets stretched. They are tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissues under our skin. Some wear it proud and loud, while others like to minimize it. When I was still pregnant, my OB Doctor told me that stretch marks are genetic. If my mother had them, I will most probably have them too. I can lessen its impact by: Moisturize my belly after bath. This is the best time for any cream to have a deeper penetration on ourskin. Nourish from the inside by eating healthier food…

  • MILK EASY PH: Milkin’ made easy

    Last Oct. 8, I was one of the few lucky mommies to be invited for the Milk Easy Ph launch at the Food Hall in SM Aura Premier, BGC. This is an up and coming brand that features chic and premium products for breastfeeding moms.

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