10 Charming Airbnb in Laguna for Your Next Staycation

Located in the heart of the Philippines, Laguna is a province known for its picturesque landscapes, hot springs, and beautiful lakes. And what better way to beat the hustle and bustle in the city than by a quick staycation in Laguna? Airbnb has become a go-to platform for travelers seeking unique and memorable stays, and we’ve curated a list of the most exceptional properties in Laguna for your next staycation.

Lakeview Pointe Cavinti Caliraya

Photo by Lakeview Pointe Cavinti Caliraya

Lakeview Pointe started to be a family vacation house to get away from the city’s noise and air pollution. The host have crafted the property with personal touches hoping that the guests will feel at home just as much as they do.


Photo by NEST-T-HOUSE at Forest Hill

The Nest-T-House Glamping Tiny Houses basically serve as Camping Cabins that are way much better than Camping Tents. Hence, Glamping. The photo above is the Model A1 Nest-T-House;  a perfect Tiny House Glamping cabin for romantically dating couples (2 pax max), this isolated unit is located in the best spot of the farm.

Facebook: Nest-T-House

THE CLIFF at Naculo Falls

Photo by THE CLIFF at Naculo Falls

The Cliff is a private eco-sanctuary located in Cavinti, Laguna, within a few meters from Naculo Falls and a few minutes drive to Pagsanjan Town. This property is bounded by four falls and it is nestled in the middle of an untouched forest, giving the guest an experience of being one with Mother Nature—the pristine exclusive view of the waterfalls, the lush encounter with nature’s habitat, the feel of clean and crisp atmosphere, but within the comfort of living in a modern homey space.

The Lake House at Caliraya

Photo by The Lake House at Caliraya

The Lake House is a family owned private vacation home which can hosts small groups of families and friends who would like to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend away from the city.This home has been running entirely on solar power for the past 15 years.

Uncle Rod's Nature Cabin Glamping

Photo by Uncle Rod's Nature Cabin Glamping

Relax, Netflix and chill in the greenfield! Uncle Rod Private Cabin offers a farm life private cabin glamping experience with Mount Banahaw view. It is situated in a 3-hectare farm lot located in Caliraya-Cavinti, Laguna. Currently, there are 2 existing cabins.

Haven by the Lake

Photo by Haven by the Lake

Bring the whole family/company to this great place — Haven by the Lake. They offer a relaxing & very spacious indoor and outdoors for fun/recreation, and celebration/events. Perfect for camping, boating, fishing, water sports, river tour (hiking, swimming, diving) & relaxation closer to nature.

Facebook: Haven by the Lake

Woodgrain Villas

Photo by Woodgrain Villas

Woodgrain Villas is a private property location in the middle of the mountain and is  2 kilometers away from the town proper. It is very secluded and is surrounded by nature, fresh air & scenic mountain view. 

Facebook: Woodgrain Villas

Caliraya Lake House

Photo by Caliraya Lake House

Caliraya Lake House​ is a shipping container converted from storage to tiny house.  Discover the innovative beauty of our container house, where style meets functionality. Experience the perfect blend of modern design and eco-conscious living in these repurposed shipping containers. The unit offers a unique and cozy space, complete with all the comforts you need. 

The Red Cabin

Photo by The Red Cabin

The Red Cabin is located at Brgy Casile, Cabuyao. Inspired by the American architecture, our place offers a cozy ambiance with a picturesque garden. This is a perfect rental for people who want to escape from the busy city life and are looking for a place to unwind and relax.

Facebook: The Red Cabin

K LeBrix Spaces

Photo by K LeBrix Spaces

Forget your worries in our newly-renovated, spacious and serene space. Surrounded by the calm and evergreen Lake Lumot, K LeBrix Lakehouse is an outdoor escapade disconnecting from the city life, encouraging a deeper engagement with awe-striking nature. With the convenience of accommodations that include a comfortable 3-bedroom modern hut, tent-like tipi huts, a new swimming pool and bonfire area; you’ll love the fresh air, tranquility and privacy of this getaway.

Facebook: K LeBrix Spaces

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  1. This is not a paid/sponsored post.
  2. The list is in no particular order.
  3. Rate will/may change without prior notice. For any inquiry, please message the host directly.
  4. Photos by the host/Airbnb.

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