Top Travel Blogs in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country, rich in culture and natural wonders that attract tourists from all over the world. In recent years, the rise of travel blogging has made it easier for people to explore the country through the eyes of those who have already been there. With so many incredible destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top travel blogs in the Philippines to help inspire your next adventure. From island hopping in Palawan to surfing in Siargao, these bloggers have explored the best that the Philippines has to offer and are eager to share their experiences and insights with fellow travelers.


2HotTravellers is run by the duo – Gary and Che, an Aussie-Filipino tandem living in Australia. They both love to travel and explore the world.

A Wanderful Sole

A Wanderful Sole is about shoestring travels by Keza Marie, a Filipina wannabe nomad. Her blog provides budget travel guides and hiking adventures.

Adrenaline Romance

Adrenaline Romance is run by TeamSweetie – Gian and Sheila. The two are adventure junkies who are eternally thirsty for the next adrenaline rush.

Angelo The Explorer

Angelo the Explorer is a travel blog that showcases simple and exciting travel adventures. His goal is to inspire others to travel as well.

Backpacking With A Book

Backpacking with a Book is a travel blog by Jona, a former travel journalist and teacher, and a poet and fictionist with a high dose of imposter syndrome. Jona is from the Philippines, and is now living in Germany. BWAB is now a full-on resources of those embarking the digital nomad life with a decent amount of travel guides, occasional dive trips, and book readings spread thick in between.


Bea de Guzman-Manalo is a tech girl in the travel world. She shares her travel adventures on her blog – BeaDeeGee. For her, traveling
exposed her to different races, cultures, and traditions.

Biyaherong Barat

Blissful Guro

Blissful Guro is a travel blog by Carla. Carla is a student of life and has the most amazing day job – being a public school teacher. Blissful Guro tries to change the world one kid at a time and explores the world one happy place at a time.

Chasing Potatoes

Gly runs the Chasing Potatoes Travel Blog. According to her, she chases time and opportunities. Just like round potatoes, they roll and get lost. Her blog tells about the journey of chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities.

Daniel's Eco-Travels

Daniel is a proud Igorot and shares he grew up climbing mountains, swimming rivers, chasing spectacular waterfalls, navigating unchartered trails, and exploring the dense forests of his home village Lias in Barlig, Mt. Province. He created Daniel’s Eco Travels to tell people how wonderful yet fragile the natural world is.


Marcos is the founder and travel blogger of He founded Detourista as a way to give back to people and places that had inspired his path. He loves to share inspiring content and helpful travel advice to fellow travelers who are planning their next trip.

Discover The Philippines

Discover the Philippines is a travel blog that shares knowledge and travel experiences in the Philippines.

Dream Eurotrip

DJ Yabis runs the Dream Euro Trip blog. He has studied, worked, and
traveled all over Europe since 2009. He created this website to help you
plan, budget, and live up to your own Dream Euro Trip.

Eazy Traveler

EAZY Traveler is a blog by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap, a travel writer, photographer, and blogger from the Philippines. He started this online journal in 2008 and has published many travel articles in many publications.

Escape Manila

Escape Manila is run by Glen and is considered one of the top travel blogs in the Philippines. In this blog, he shares travel guides, tips, and budget itineraries.

Freedom Wall Philippines

Ian Limpangog is the man behind the Freedom Wall Travel Blog. During his free time, he enjoys traveling around the Philippines and its neighboring countries. He shares his travel stories on this blog.

Hazy Wanders

Hazy Wanders by Hazel is a blog where you can find resources for modern goal-getter women, who want to jumpstart their remote work and travel lifestyle in the Philippines.

Hello I'm Frecelynne

‘Hello! I’m Frecelynne’ is a blog run by Abby Roman. She writes about her travel adventures with her family. She also likes sharing top travel articles. Her goal is to visit the 81 provinces in the Philippines and be able to write about their stories.


HungryTravelPal aims to provide and promote tourist spots in the Philippines. By tailoring the best places to visit in every tourist destination, they wish to help every traveler carefully plan their travels by identifying what best places and destinations fit their limited time schedule, so they can make the most from their trip.

I am Aileen

‘I am Aileen’ is an award-winning solo female travel blog by Aileen Adalid from the Philippines featuring travel guides, resources, tips, and videos from all over the world. Her goal is to visit every country in the world with her third-world passport.

I am Wendiey

Wendiey tells a great story about her travels. For her, her heart is the shape of the world because it has been inspired, motivated, and influenced by the beautiful places and people she have met from travels around the globe.

It's Me! Blue Dreamer

‘It’s Me Bluedreamer!’ is a friendly budgetarian travel blog run by Milton Coyne III aka Bluedreamer! Writing is his passion and he has been writing for more than a decade.

It's More Fun With Juan

MJ Mutuc was inspired by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism’s slogan: “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” He decided to start a travel, food, and lifestyle blog entitled – It’s More Fun with Juan (IMFWJ). His mission is to explore the Philippines and the world and be able to share about it.

Ivan About Town

Ivan Anthony Henares, PhD is a tourism educator, cultural policy researcher, and advocate for heritage conservation in the Philippines. He uses social media networks and his award-winning blog to give our cultural heritage a voice that demands to be heard.


Joanathx is a travel blog run by Nathaniel and Joanna. They started this blog to share their work, travel, and experiences as a couple.

Jovial Wanderer

Jovial Wanderer is a blog run by Christine Fernandez, an IT Professional, Philippine-based hiker, foodie & traveler.

Lakad Pilipinas

Lakad Pilipinas is a documentary of the long and short journeys by Christian Lucas Sangoyo. In this blog, he shares the bumps and stops of his trips, the food, both expensive and dirt-cheap, from posh restaurants and the dirty sidestreets, the interesting people he met along the way, the ref magnets and t-shirts he collected on the locales he has visited.


Lakwatsero is run by Angel Juarez, a backpacker, adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobbyist photographer, scuba diver, aspiring marine conservation biologist, environment advocate, runner, mountain biker, budget traveler, seasonal mountaineer and newbie surfer.


Stan Cabigas is the person behind Langyaw. He is a photographer and writer based in Cebu and can travel around the country or region.


Laquatsa was created to assist other tourists in locating inexpensive dining establishments and hotels in the Philippines. They are committed to showing their readers the newest and greatest travel locations in the Philippines. They aim to assist people with locating those undiscovered gems—locations that are off the main road yet have fantastic cuisine and service.

Love. Eat. Wander

Love. Eat. Wander is a travel and parenting blog about a family who believes in attachment parenting. 

Maria Rona Beltran

Maria Rona Beltran writes about restaurants that serve delectable vegetarian fare and is always pleased to highlight pet-friendly companies.

Meant to Go

Roy – a Davao-based travel blogger, owns and manage the His blog aims to give people information about good places to visit, vacation, and destinations. He write reviews, sample itineraries, travel tips, among other topics that people might find helpful.

Our World in Words

Our world in words is a blog by Gretchen and Lia, a mother-daughter duo from the Philippines. However, their blog doesn’t revolve solely on travel. It is a tapestry of all those stories that are shaped on the road and at home, and roads and homes that stories shape – alone and with the most unlikely yet most unforgettable companion: a kid.

Out of Town Blog

Out of Town Blog is a travel, food, and lifestyle online magazine. This travel blog started as a site where the publisher shares his personal travel experiences, photographs and travel tips to his friends, relatives, and online readers. Today, Out of Town Blog showcases travel tales, food reviews, hotel guides and reviews, travel destination guides and other travel-related inputs from various contributors from all over the world.

Pinay Travel Junkie

Gay Emami runs the Pinay Travel Junkie. She was born in Tarlac and raised in Manila. She started traveling around the Philippines in 2007. After which she finally decided to go on a 6-week solo trip to Europe and came back without getting rid of the travel bug.

PinayTraveller Philippines

Pinay Traveller is run by Pauline, a traveller for life. She originally started the blog to document her trips and file important details such as travel information, hotel ratings and more. 

Pinoy Adventurista

Pinoy + Adventure + Turista = Pinoy Adventurista

Mervz is one of the pioneer in travel blogging industry. He started Pinoy Adventurista in 2005. In 2009, he blogged different tourist and “off beaten track” destinations in the Philippines. 

Pinoy Travel Freak

Gabz was born and raised in Iloilo city and is now living in Makati. In 2011, he started documenting his travel adventures through Pinoy Travel Freak. His goal is to explore the best of the Philippines and share his journey to the world through stories and photos.

Pinoy Travelogue

Pinoy Travelogue is a personal travel blog by DJ Rivera. He features stories and photographs from the road, travel guides, honest hotel and resort insights, yummy and authentic local dishes and more.

Project Gora

Milet Miranda is the outgoing introvert blogger behind Project Gora. She loves traveling, immersing myself in different cultures and discovering new cuisines.


Riley is a travelogue. In his blog he shares travel guides for destinations he had already visited.

Solitary Wanderer

Aleah Taboclaon is a professional writer, editor, and certified digital nomad. She started Solitary Wanderer to document her travels. 

Take Off Philippines

Take Off PH is a Local Travel, Food, and Lifestyle Blog. In this blog, he gives travel tips, travel insights, places to eat, and something interesting to chow down in the Metro. He also provides up-to-date social events.

Tara Lets! Anywhere

Tara Lets Anywhere is a travel and food blog about the Philippines and other countries. “Tara lets” is a local slang for “let’s go,” and this site will take you on a journey to discover the best tourist attractions, staycations, food, and travel tips in the country.

This blog is written by Katherine Cortes, a 30-ish software engineer and freelance writer/editor. She started this blog in 2015 as a couple backpacking blog with her boyfriend Hali Navarro and then turned it into an all-around travel site.

The Fun-sized Traveller

Ker is a short guy from the Philippines, who started the Fun-sized Traveller. For him, travel photos and narratives hold a lasting memory – the sense of nostalgia that transports you back to places as you look at or read them.

The Happy Trip

The Happy Trip is a blog about travel, destinations, festivals, and much more.

The Hungry Traveler PH

Karla Niña Mallannao a.k.a. karlaniiinz  runs the The Hungry Traveler PH, a food food and travel blog! She’s a Polytechnic University of the Philippines alumni.

The Jerny Travel and Inspirations

The Jerny  is a couple travel-focused blog with the intent to inspire and guide fellow travelers to explore places and things beyond the known boundaries and teaching fellow travelers to be more responsible travelers.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

The Pinay Solo Backpacker by Gael Hilotin shares travel guides with budget and itinerary. She started her blog in 2010 to inspire people to explore the Philippines. She also aims to empower Filipina through travels.

The Pinoy Traveler

The Pinoy Traveler provides ultimate travel guide for budget travelers and adventure seekers.

The Poor Traveller

The Poor Traveler is one of the most popular travel blogs in the Philippines. Their goal is to to build free travel guides, where they can share their experiences and whatever lessons they pick up along the way. This blog is for the poor travelers out there — the newbies, the first-timers, the lost and confused, the shy and socially awkward, the navigationally-challenged, and those who can’t afford to make costly mistakes.

The Queen’s Escape

The Queen’s Escape is run by Queenie Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, a licensed professional teacher by profession and a traveler by heart and soul; a Philippine-based travel blogger and freediver. She started the Queen’s Escape travel blog to tell people a thousandfold stories about our motherland – that Philippines is more than just its pristine beaches and breathtaking summits. It aims to make the readers know about the best places to explore – both the world-renowned and the off the beaten path, how rich and diverse its culture is, how delectable the food is and more. 

Travel Up

Travel Up by Kara Santos is her online journal about local and international travel destinations, extreme adventures, motorcycling and food trips.

Travel with Toni

Travel with Toni by Toni Alvarez shares travel guides and stories.


Traveledictorian is run by Juls, a young-budding travel blogger from the Philippines. He travels for work and leisure. Juls works in a company that offers travel to the Philippines. Traveling with free flights and hotel accommodations is perhaps a dream job for many. After work, he visits attractions, eat local cuisines, meet new people, and enjoy evening parties. 

Traveling Petite Girl

Jojo is the founder of Traveling Petite Girl. She’s a goal-driven creator and a bubbly traveler at heart. She hopes to be known for bringing a level of grace and ease to blogging, and teaching creators to use their voice to change the world.

Two Monkeys Travel

The Two Monkeys Travel Group is a travel website and blog started by Kach Mu (Philippines) and Jonathan Howe (UK). It’s all about their experiences of travelling around the world since April 2013 (non-stop).

Wandering Juan

The Wandering Juan by Bojo Berida talks about things to do, how to budget your trip, what to do, and where to get go. Growing up Bojo was never really the adventurous type. Now, he wanders to different places in the Philippines and hopefully in other countries as well. It does not matter if it is a beach, mountain or just the next block.


Wanderlass by Liliane is the lass who wanders the world and scuba dives the underwater world. She began her blog in 2007 which followed her around Europe in 2007 and around the world since 2011. Today, she don’t post as often but you can still find travel tips and visa information.

Will fly for food

Will Fly for Food is a travel blog for the gastronomically inclined. The Traveleaters, JB & Renée started the blog. Will Fly for Food has grown into one of the world’s best travel blogs. 

That’s about it. I hope that the following travel bloggers have inspired you! If you know more travel blogers that should be on this list, feel free to comment down below! 

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