Review: Zoey Ph, Affordable engagement ring in the Philippines


The pandemic might have messed up few marriage proposal plans but this shouldn’t stop you from popping the question. If you’re looking for an affordable engagement ring in the Philippines, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’ll talk about my Alice Engagement ring. This is 925 sterling silver with Swarovski crystals.  I got this from Zoey Ph, a known online jewelry brand in the Philippines with 35.9k followers in Instagram and 347k followers in Facebook. ZoeyPh offers elegant wedding rings, engagement rings and necklaces at an affordable price.

Zoey Ph Alice Engagement Ring

What I love about this?

1.Buying things online is the new norm for me and I like that they have an online store where I can easily place my order. Click here to check out their collections.

2. The selection of their engagement and wedding rings are pretty. They have many options from colored gemstone rings to Swarovski crystal rings.

3. They are very affordable and high-quality.


4. They are offering Lifetime replacement guarantee.

zoey ph

Check them out here

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