Audrey’s First Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is a Western tradition that we, Pinoys, are now embracing in our culture. If you don’t know what trick or treat is; it is basically letting your child go door to door during Halloween. They’ll prank the homeowner if they are not given any treat/gift.

When I was still working, my previous company invites employees’ children every year for a Halloween activity. Year by year, it is getting more and more popular.

This activity encourages great bonding between the family and the company. Here we (the family) can see where they work and their office set up. We can also meet their colleagues. More so, our kids get to have the most fun because…

  1. They are dressed up in their cute costumes.
  2. They get treats which we all know that it is their weakness.
  3. They can participate in games prepared by the company. 
  4. They can meet a few more Titos and Titas.

If this is your first trick or treat activity, I've listed a few tips that may help you get ready.

Prepare the costume

As a mom, we are the ones who set the home budget and it is also us, who will decide on how much are we willing to spend on the costume. Ask yourself, “How much am I willing to spend?” Should I get this Money Heist costume for Php 1,500 or should I opt for a cheaper one?

You also have to consider the Halloween Theme. Some events will require to only wear costumes based on their theme. As an example, Superhero costume only for a Super Hero Themed Halloween.

The most important thing that you must consider is your kid should be comfy with their costume.

Prepare your child

Kids need enough rest before the activity. This is a no brainer because we know that kids get fussy if they lack decent rest. They have to be physically ready for this tiresome activity. This also means that they shouldn’t be hungry during the activity. If you have a younger baby like me, talk to them too. “ Tomorrow we have an activity that you will surely enjoy.” This will somehow help them warm up.

Bring a bigger basket

One of the mistakes that I noticed is kids holding a small pumpkin basket that easily gets full. To save the hassle, bring a bigger basket even if it is way bigger than your child.

Use child-friendly make up or face paint

If the costume requires a little makeup/face paint like Harley Quinn. Please use child-friendly makeup. We don’t want to ruin our kid’s skin just for an event.

Check out the gallery below to see Audrey's first Trick or Treat

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