Last August 1, 201, I was one of the chosen mommies to receive the Ariel Power Gel Soft and Gentle. This is their newest liquid detergent that’s suitable for baby clothes. What are their promises? The Ariel Power Gel Soft and Gentle have no harmful chemicals! No bleach No brightenerContinue Reading

A basic guide that will help you kick start your blog project. There are many guides on the web that talks about the steps on starting your blog. But honestly, none of these are perfectly tailored for a Filipino aspiring blogger.  On this blog post, I’ll be sharing the basicContinue Reading

There is no doubt that we, Filipinos, are known to be resilient. Sadly, this is also true when it comes to our health. As much as we can, we endure all the pain and symptoms before we visit a doctor. We see it as “gastos lang yan”. But I wouldContinue Reading

When it comes to baby products, Johnson’s has always been on top of the list. After all, they are in this industry for 125 years! Recently, they had their biggest relaunch as they showcase their Gentlest Range of Baby Products and introduce Johnson’s CottonTouch. View this post on Instagram NewContinue Reading