A few months before our little bundle of joy was born, Dee and I decided to have a mini BABYMOON (Honeymoon before the baby arrives). We planned to spend a night in any lavish hotel around Metro Manila. We decided to splurge a little because this will be our lastContinue Reading

Today I’ll talk about Audrey’s current diaper stash – Pamper’s Diaper. Pampers is a known brand when it comes to disposable diapers. They’ve been in the industry for so many years and I can say that this is one of the trusted brands by moms. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THESEContinue Reading

Breastfeeding is another chapter that every mom has to go through. They said it won’t be easy and it’s even more painful than childbirth. Good thing that millennial moms like us have all the support that we need, just right in front of us. It can be our loving mothers,Continue Reading