Chicken Inasal with homemade chicken oil

Chicken Inasal is another famous version of Lechong Manok. The meat is marinated in calamansi, garlic, salt, pepper, coco vinegar (Sukang Pinakurat) and Atsuete (Annatto). This dish will not be complete without the chicken oil poured over the hot rice. I made my own version of this dish. CHECK OUT THE RECIPE BELOW INGREDIENTS ChickenContinue Reading

Paksiw na Pata

 Alongside with Adobo, Paksiw na Pata is another popular soy-based stew. What makes it different from adobo is the only kind meat that you can use on this dish is pork shank. It is made from the usual soy-vinegar mix with brown sugar, dried banana blossoms, whole peppercorns and driedContinue Reading

General Tso’s Chicken is a popular Chinese dish made from deep-fried chicken tossed in a sweet and savory sauce. This is what Dee loves to order at Recipe’s restaurant whenever we dine in. I thought it’s difficult to make but it’s not. CHECK OUT THE RECIPE BELOW INGREDIENTS 1/2 kiloContinue Reading