DIY samgyupsal + korean side dish recipes

K-Drama marathon during ECQ will make you crave for a yummy Samgyupsal meal. During this quarantine, I practiced making Korean side dishes, and I am excited to share my favorites – Kimchi, Korean Spinach Salad, Fishcake Banchan, Tteokbokki and Sesame Sauce. If you wanted to try these recipes and wonderContinue Reading

Ingredients: Tofu Diced White Onions Diced Green/Red Bell Pepper 5 tbsp mayonaise 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce 2 tbsp water salt & pepper oil for frying butter scallions (optional) Procedure: Deep dry the tofu Don’t overcook because it will get toasted from inside out It should be brownish on the edgesContinue Reading

Aroz ala Valenciana is flavorful dish influenced by Spain to Filipino culture. The glutionous rice (malagkit) is cooked with coco milk, turmeric and seasonings. Meats like chicken and chorizo werre added. Raisins, bell pepper and green peas are added too. It is topped with sliced boiled egg for garnishing. ThisContinue Reading

I’m craving for a good old French Toast that’s why I made a batch for us and paired it with the famous Dalgona Coffee. I prefer to use condensed milk over regular milk because the latter one makes it soggy. I hate soggy toast. Condensed milk will make your breadContinue Reading

Kare Kare

Kare-Kare is another popular Pinoy stew dish made from thick savory peanut sauce. It looks complicated to prepare but no, this is actually an easy dish. On this recipe, I will be using crispy bacon strips as the main ingredient.  CHECK OUT MY RECIPE BELOW INGREDIENTS Pork Belly Strips (ThisContinue Reading