From various tourist destinations here in the Philippines I’m not sure why we chose Boracay for our honeymoon. Yes, you read it right, we spent our honeymoon here after our wedding last November. When I was younger, I dream to explore the Philippine islands. I promise to myself that oneContinue Reading

delicious diet delivery

Rating:  3/5 One of the pioneer in Diet Delivery Services (DDS), Delicious Diet offers more than calorie-counted meals. For 3 years, they have been delighting customers with tasty and balanced meals, superb customer service, prompt delivery time and consistent love for them. I heard Delicious Diet from (I’veContinue Reading

Dailys diet

Rating: ★★★★★ Launched on 2015, Daily’s Diet Delivery is one of the newest Diet Delivery services (DDS) in Metro Manila. Branded themselves as more than a weight loss program, they provide a healthy and positive lifestyle by delivering healthy and calorie counted meals.  It didn’t take long before they becameContinue Reading

Pinoys have sweet tooth and only few can resist the temptation of eating chocolates.So when the choco hazelnut spread was introduced in our country, it was an instant hit. What is choco hazelnut spread? A thick spread made up from hazelnut, milk, chocolate and sugar. It gives sweet, nutty andContinue Reading