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There is no doubt that we, Filipinos, are known to be resilient. Sadly, this is also true when it comes to our health. As much as we can, we endure all the pain and symptoms before we visit a doctor. We see it as “gastos lang yan”. But I would like to highlight that health shouldn’t be considered as an expense. It’s true – health is wealth.

When I was still working, one of the company benefits is a health card. If I’m feeling under the weather, the heath card will take care of the checkup and diagnostic tests’ bills. Now that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I don’t have this perk anymore. Each check-up will cost me Php 300 – Php 500. It’s expensive especially if there would be follow up checkups.

FamilyDoc is a new venture of AC Health (Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc.) that focuses on community-based primary care clinics. 

In Dec 2015, they opened their first two clinics. They have currently 67 clinics all over the metro and nearby cities.

For three years now, they are providing affordable quality primary healthcare for Filipino families.

They are offering 3 essential services:

1. Clinic – True to what they promise –“The Doctor is always in!” Doctors are available anytime between 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday.

Check out the list of their procedural services here.

2. Diagnostic Facility – They have a full range of Diagnostic Labs and Imaging; whether you need an X-Ray, Ultrasound, Blood Test or Urinalysis. Their laboratory exams are processed through DOH-accredited tertiary laboratory.

Check out the list of their diagnostic services here. 

Check out the list of their imaging services here. 

3. Pharmacy – They also have an in house pharmacy that offers branded and generic medicines.

My Experience with FamilyDoc

If you’ve been following my stories on Instagram, you’d see that I’ve been experiencing worst back pain. I was rushed to the ER twice because I couldn’t handle it anymore. With muscle spasm as the only diagnosis, I was just provided with strong pain killers prescriptions. 

That’s why I am delighted to be part of FamilyDoc’s Unli-Konsulta campaign. Now, I can get a second opinion for FREE.

A day after my birthday (August 12), I went to FamilyDoc – Countryside Branch because this is the nearest branch from our home. As in, one tricycle away! The front desk had no idea about the campaign because they weren’t briefed. After the phone call from our contact person, they assisted the way they were assisting the other patients before me.

  1. They asked me to sign a sheet with my contact information.
  2. They had my photo taken for their database.
  3. They got my vital signs like pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, height, and weight.
  4. They asked me to submit my urine for a pregnancy test because I’m 3 days delayed (Don’t worry guys. I’m not pregnant. It’s a PCOS thing)
  5. Then, I waited for my turn to be seen by a doctor. It wasn’t that long, probably because there were only a few patients that day.

Dr. Jake Bryan Cortez was the doctor on duty. He asked a few relevant questions ranging from my current health up to my family’s health history. With an assistant, he also checked my back by stroking my spinal cord.

Here are his findings:

First, he suggested that I should take an X-Ray test to see the accurate angle of my spine because it seems like my dextroscoliosis worsen. He also added that I may need to take therapy that will help me improve my back condition. He also prescribed muscle relaxant that will help in relieving the pain when it strikes again.

He also recommended that I should do the following:

  • Pap smear (a screening procedure for cervical cancer) and take folic acids
  • Annual Flu Vaccine (my last flu vaccine was last year)
  • Lose weight through a healthy diet

Here are the other things that I like about FamilyDOC

1. FamilyDoc D’ Beat Movement – Diabetes Care Club

Dr. Cortez explained their Diabetes Care Club because diabetes is part of my family’s medical condition.

The FamilyDoc’s computed the total annual cost of a diabetic patient. That’s why they formulated their Diabetes Care Club to help lessen the cost.

For only Php 2,400 yearly (vs. Php10, 000 total costs), the members are eligible for:

      • UNLIMITED Doctor Consult
      • Discounts on wound care
      • FREE maintenance labs every 3 months (HBA1C, FBS, Lipid Profile, Creatinine, and SGPT)

2. Free follow up checkup

The consultation fee for their first-time patient is Php 450. This already includes the free follow up check up on the next 7 days. The patient will automatically be a lifetime member of Family Doc.

Succeeding check-up fee will be then Php 350 with free follow up check up on the next seven days.

3. Free consult for those who waited that long

As a way to show that they value their patient’s time, they are providing free consultation is the patient waited for more than 45 minutes from the moment their vital signs were recorded.

4. Affordable vaccines

I got a leaflet from them and I saw that their vaccines are cheaper than hospital vaccines. As an example, we paid Php 5,000 for Audrey’s Pneumococcal13. But it’s only Php 3,950 from them.

5. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Their clinics are equipped with Vigos EMR. This is very convenient for doctors and patients because the record can be viewed at any branch.

6. Clean facilities

Another thing that I noticed is their facilities are clean. There is also an area for kids with stuff toys that they can play with.

7. Unli-KONSULTA Card

For only Php, 1,500…you’ll get the following:

  • 1,500 peso points – Redeemable in any FamilyDOC Clinics – Labs, Medicines, Consumer Goods
  • 1 year UNLIMITED consultation for 3 people (1 principal cardholder + 2 dependents); Enroll anyone as your dependent (NO age limit/No blood relation restriction)
  • Lifetime FamilyDOC membership that includes a 10% discount on laboratory tests and imaging services

8. Service calculator

If you wanted to have an idea of how much will your visit cost, their website has a service calculator

Current Promo for AUGUST

New patients or first time FamilyDOC visitors will be provided with FREE consultation at any FamilyDOC branch.

How about you? Have you been to Family Doc?
If yes, how was your experience?
If no, will you go there?

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12 Replies to “FREE Consultation at FamilyDOC”

  1. Wow , sana palarin akong mapili na manalo . Napakalaking tulong ng ganitong pagkakataon para sa aminh hindi afford ang ganitong klase ng pagpapatingin . Buti na lang po at may mga taong tulad ninyo na handang magshare ng blessing nila . Salamat po
    DONE joining your giveaway
    IG @paraisonica
    FB Veronica Paraiso
    YT handles Veronica Paraiso

    1. Good luck Veronica! There would be many winners on this giveaway so you have more chances of winning. 🙂

  2. Magandang idea ang ganito.. Makakatulong sa mga mahirap gaya namin.. Sana po ay tumagal ang serbisyong ito.. GODBLES po.
    Fb:azi dao yoamus
    Yt:khea reambonanza

  3. Ang ganda ng facilities momshie.. Wala kaming family doctor. Pinapacheck up ko po ang mga anak ko sa Health join po ako momshie laking tulong nito kasi laging may doctor, at may mga discount labaoratories. sa totoo lang po moms mahirap magpcheck up sa health center. Kung minsan kasi wala ang doctor kaya ending sayang ang mahabang pila. Hindi pa napacheck up ang anak ko. Sana po palarin laking tulong talaga ito momshie.Salamat po sa pagshare ng blessing 😊

  4. Nothing is more impressive than the free follow up check up within 7 days. I have been raising my kids for 7 years and it makes me sad that other clinics will tell you to go back after one week for follow up and of course pay the the amount needed. I mean, with all the amount you spent just to get well, you shouldve already spent that for your kids’ vitamins, fruits veggies, or for some other stuff but because they want you to pay for a follow up, even though you know your kid is already cured, and since youre a mom, you have no choice but to go back there unless you wanna be killed by your conscience if you dare not to. 😥 i was a bit fierce there sorry haha but thats true, hope they wont make it hard for people to feel better. Thanks to FamilyDoc for doing such exemplary deeds to people who are sick and wants to get better. Hands down to you guys! Oh, another thing, I love your Diabetes Care Program, my father will be very glad to know about a clinic that really cares.
    I am just so happy to know about Family Doc. As a mom of three, a daughter and a wife, nothing is more important and priceless than to see my loved ones living the most our their lives. Seeing them healthy is a great factor why i am also happy and contented with my life. If i will win this, i will give the card to my mother or father. I am thinking of giving the card to my eldest son who gets sick more often, but i realize, I am always here for my son, i can take care of him, whereas for my parents, theyre not getting any younger and my guilt kills me that i am not there to spend the rest of their lives with. My papa has diabetes, my mom has thyroid problems which until now they cant determine if its cancerous or not. If the odds will be in favor of me, either of them will surely be happy.
    God bless you family doc and mommy Abby for sharing the love to us.
    ig: mcayemones

    1. I’m delighted to know that you are enthusiastic about the FamilyDoc’s facilities and program. Goodluck on the giveaway momsh!

  5. Wow momsh ganda naman sa Family Doc at may pharmacy n na katabi di n kelangan lumayo in case mainip ka pwede bumili ng snacks sa knila di na kelangan lumabas, thanks for the chance gandang giveaway to 😊
    FB Queenie Mance
    Yt Queenie Gallardo

  6. I researched about family doc, and this article is one of the best results google has given me.
    Idk if i could still join the giveaway, but i wish to receive it as a winner. 🙋
    I would go to one of their branch or phone them and inquire about the services personally.
    Thank u so much for posting this, it is such a relief reading your article.

    1. Hi! Sorry the giveaway is already closed. You may follow me on Instagram to get updated on my giveaways. 🙂

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